About Central Indiana Organics

Hands holding soil --- Image by © Fancy/Veer/Corbis

What We Offer

David and Jon Randle, one of the founding families, have been certified organic farmers for ten years, and got started in this field due to their desire to create an organic pig feed.  Central Indiana Organics has thus grown to serve central Indiana by providing:

  • Organic feed grains
  • Seed cleaning for organic farmers
  • organic minerals and feed supplements
  • Grain storage for organic farmers
  • Organic complete feeds
  • Custom grinding service for special orders
  • Grain roasting
  • Modern and clean warehousing

Central Indiana Organics helps organic farmers source organic fertilizers and certified organic seed.  We also offer a custom farming service for those landowners in our area. We can orient you towards transitioning your land to organic production or farm the ground for you if you prefer.  Central Indiana Organic is able to supply your needs for feed and seed and a market for your organic feed grains.